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If you're considering switching to solar power in your house, you have come to the right place. Going solar has many advantages. HereĀ“s why:


It is a good investment

solar investment

Solar panel prices have fallen dramatically over the last few decades. Modern panels, with their high efficiency have a return on investment of about 5 years, while manufacturers give a warranty of 25 to 30 years. Solar panels have no moving parts, so as long as they remain sealed they will work.

Prices of fossil fuels (read electricity) on the other hand are soaring and can be expected to do so even more in the coming years. Depending on your situation, a solar installation can greatly reduce your electricity bills, or make them disappear altogether.

A solar energy system adds resale value to a home while making it more attractive to savings-oriented or environmentally-aware buyers.


It makes you energy independentindependence2

Going solar allows you to produce power from the roof of your own home. It's stable, self-sustaining and you know exactly where your electricity is coming from. As fossil fuels run out and global demand increases, you will be much less at the mercy of the markets.

Many people have already made the choice to go solar, just for this feeling of independence and freedom. Your energy independence benefits you today, and it also benefits our collective future.


It contributes to a cleaner environment

By reducing or eliminating your reliance on the big energy suppliers that burn fossil fuels to supply most of our electricity, you actively contribute to reducing greenhouse gases.Using solar doesn't release any emissions or pollution, so they are green and clean. It has become clear by now that renewable energy is the only solution for our energy needs for the present and in the future.

Just one kilowatt of solar power installed will offset 23,000 kg of greenhouse gases and is the equivalent to planting 23 trees.