About us

Lob Solar was founded by Erasmus Lob, who has been working in the sustainable energy sector since the year 2000.lob-solar-photographs-TKL 9886

Erasmus has been fascinated by the possibility of producing electricity with the power of the sun since a young age.

Soon after he came to Ibiza he became one of the founding members, and for some years vice-president of Ibiza Ecologic.

In 2004 he became self employed in solar installations and soon after he founded Lob Solar, which he still leads.

He is passionate about solar energy.


Lob Solar is an innovative company, specialising in off-grid systems.

Through the years we have accumulated a lot of experience in the whole process of installing solar power,

ranging from small backup systems to large scale multi-claster installations.


Quality is really the corner stone on which we have built our business.panels01

For solar power to be embraced by our customers we find it very important that our installations are reliable and durable.

In this way we have found our work advertises itself.

Often new customers come to us because existing ones speak so positively about us.


Besides being professionals we find it important to have a working relationship with our customers that is pleasurable for us all.